The Drilling Technical College (Bohrmeisterschule) was founded in 1937 for the training of supervisors for the prospecting and the recovery of crude oil and gas through drilling. It has been recognized and approved by the German state as an independent College. The Bergschulverein e.V., which is directly responsible for the College, is maintained and guided by representatives from ten member companies in the fields of exploration and production of crude oil and gas.

The courses: Drilling, Production and Underground Storage Technology provide participants with the necessary knowledge and capability as detailed in the national mining laws. Successful participants can anticipate being eligible for posts in companies which are subject to the supervision and control of national authorities.

In addition the Drilling Technical College is a central pre-service and in-service training institution for the German and international crude oil and gas industry for various certificates and qualifications in accordance with BBergG, IWCF, DVGW and K-UGS.


Tuesday, 06. September 2016

Exkursion der Bohrmeisterschule mit dem RDB

Am 24. Mai 2016 besuchten 21 Technikerschüler der Bohrmeisterschule gemeinsam mit 12 Mitgliedern des RDB Ergas-Erdöl Celle die Salzkavernen in Ohrensen, betrieben durch die DOW Deutschland Anlagengesellschaft mbH.

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Thursday, 09. June 2016

Neue Termine für SCC-Prüfung

Neue Termine für die SCC-Prüfung für Führungskräfte:

11.08.2016, 21.09.2016, 17.11.2016 jeweils ab 14 Uhr

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Thursday, 09. June 2016

Neue Termine für SCC-Schulung

Neue Termine für die SCC-Schulung für Führungskräfte:

10./11.08.2016, 20./21.09.2016, 16./17.11.2016

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